Preventive healthcare and treatment of both periodontal and oral mucosal diseases

Periodontium is the suspension tissue of teeth which includes gums and bone – the foundation to which the teeth are attached. In Poland, periodontal diseases are commonly known as periodontitis and recognized as one of the so-called social diseases. Without effective periodontium treatment, the effects of prosthetic, implantological and orthodontic treatments will be non-durable. We provide a full scope of treatment. To being with anti-inflammatory treatment, where we also conduct photo-activated disinfection (PAD) with the use of laser, all the way to regeneration of periodontal tissue with the use of modern materials including PRF, namely platelet rich fibrin obtained from patient’s own blood, as well as surgery during which we restore the proper appearance of gums.
Proper hygiene instruction
Scaling –supragingival and subgingival
Root planing
Photodynamic therapy
Periodontal tissue regeneration
Covering gum recession
Vestibular deepening, widening the gingival area
Frenula procedures
Removal of mucous membrane nodules
Laser therapy
Uncovering of implants (roll flaps, insertion, meander technique)


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The final effect of the whole treatment process consists of beautiful teeth attached to healthy gums – a harmonious smile combined with proper chewing functions. It is provided by good occlusion (contact between upper and lower teeth) and appropriate work of the temporomandibular joints. All this combined guarantees maintenance of treatment results over time. This is of utmost importance because YOU WIN WITH A SMILE!

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